What is Church Out of Church

Church Out of Church is really more of a description than a name. We are focused on being a church (the body of Christ) beyond the confines of place or religious traditions. We are a simple gathering of Jesus Christ followers standing on the great foundation of the New Testament church throughout the ages.  We have come from many backgrounds, from many denominations and expressions of faith. We are not connected with any denomination but supportive of all.  Our heart is to build God centered relationships through service and love.

The simplest explanation of how Church Out of Church in Lincoln County “happened” goes back to 2008 when there was a 'Christian Family Fellowship' night at Dreamcatchers restaurant in midtown Ruidoso. It was during this time that a dream began to form of a church that would be on the streets, out where “the people are”....  Julie & Tim's involvement in those gatherings was part of how God called them and others out to establish a new kind of church in our area – a church not so much centered on a place but a group of people free to follow the Spirit of God wherever He leads! Nourished by much prayer, this possibility of a new move of God grew into a real sense of destiny and Church out of Church was officially born in the early days of 2009!


We want to always follow God's love letter, the Christian Bible, as our absolute authority and guide in all things both personal and corporate and to live Holy Spirit directed, ordered and empowered lives with authenticity and passion. As we learn to live in the reality of God's perfect love & care, our heart is to love Him with all we are and our neighbor more than any cause or an idea.

We are a Good News centered Church – based upon the full finished work of Jesus Who made us righteous & justified before God AND filled us with His very Presence! “It's all of Him and none of us...” and with all of Him inside of us we believe that all things are possible!

What is Church Out of Church???

What is Church Out of Church?

What is Church Out of Church?

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